Muscle Building


Muscle Building
Muscle Building

Muscle Group:

Abs, Core, Hip Flexors, Neck



Exercise Mat, Dumbells

The science of packing on lean muscle.

Is it hard for you to gain muscle?
  • Do you have an ectomorph or endomorph body type?
  • Are you eating the right macronutrients and portions in order to gain muscle?
  • Are you finding that although you are gaining some mass you are also gaining a lot of fat?
Personal training to get into the best shape of your life
  • Bulking and building – 3-4 months goal: to gain as much size as possible and lift heavy, mostly compounds exercises.
  • Cutting and leaning out – 3-4 months goal: maintain muscle while losing fat, increase sets and volume of workouts, higher reps and little rest time between sets.
  • Active recovery/functional strength training – 3- 4 months maintaining muscle and incorporation more variety to workouts.
Personal Trainer
Stephanie Katona Certified Personal Trainer B.A. of Kinesiology (Honours) Call:+1 437-663-6347

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