Is this for you?

Are you struggling with fat loss?

  • Do you think of food as your enemy?
  • Are you unsure of what and when to eat?
  • Are you unable to kick your metabolism into a higher gear?

Nutritional Consultation Goals

Develop healthy eating habits without compromising your lifestyle

General health and  fat loss:

  • Educate clients on the importance of all food groups, portion control, and timing of meals
  • Create a meal plan that is tailored to their caloric needs.
  • Go over how to read food labels and choose healthy options

Muscle building:

  • Create meals plan for bulking or cutting cycle phase after assessing body type and goals
  • Most important factors that will aid in this process are: Timing, calories and ratio of food intake.
  • Discuss pre and post workout foods

Nutritional Consultation Plans

SKLPT Start Storng 1 hour consultation

Review lifestyle questionnaire and food journal, create meal plan to meet your needs, provide grocery &supplement list


SKLPT Signature 1 hour consultation + two 30 minute follow-up sessions

Clean up your existing diet, educate on how to read food labels& create personalized meal plan. Review your progress in follow ups, tweak areas & set new goals

$150 +HST

SKLPT Speed Transformation 1 hour consultation + three 30 minute follow-up sessions

Review food journal, create meal plan, provide tips for dining out, how to overcome cravings, best pre and post workout foods & provide healthy recipes


Personal Trainer
Stephanie Katona Certified Personal Trainer B.A. of Kinesiology (Honours) | Registered Nutrition Health Specialist – CANHealth Call:+1 437-663-6347